Menchi AKA Emergency food supply is a dog which often attempts to escape or flee from Excel. She is a very optimistic dog yet in the end her freedom is snatched away.

Menchi no Aishu no Borero Edit

At the end of each episode Menchi barks her song of sorrow (Menchi no Aishu no Borero) of being cooked while a human translator interprets her words to the audience.

In the last episode, the translator's role is reversed with Menchi's where it's the translator being cooked while Menchi translates for her.

In the full version of the song, it's implied that Menchi is successfully killed and cooked. Towards the end of the song she begins yelping eratically, with the translater interpreting that she is crying in pain from being cooked alive, followed by Menchi singing with a few more feeble sounding barks and then the song ends with the sound of a knife chopping and water boiling. The version in which the translater takes Menchi's place also implies the translater is being cooked alive, but omits the chopping and boiling water sounds.

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